Barrios – La Catedral – Ana Vidovic, Guitar

At first La Catedral was composed 1921 in Montevideo (Uruguay), subtitled “Dístico sacro” with just the 2 pieces “Andante religioso” + “Allegro solemne”. The “Preludio (Saudade)” was composed in Habana (Cuba) 1938 and added as the 1st piece of La Catedral in 1939.  Andrès Segovia said: In 1921 in Buenos Aires, I played at the hall La Argentina noted for its good acoustics for guitar, where Barrios had concertized just weeks before me. He was presented to me by his secretary Elbio Trapani. At my invitation Barrios visited me at the hotel and played for me upon my very own guitar several of his compositions among which the one that really impressed me was a magnificent concert piece “The Cathedral” whose first movement is an andante, like an introduction and prelude, and a second very virtuosic piece which is ideal for the repertory of any concert guitarist.  Read more about Barrios and Segovia. – Ana Vidović Website – Ana Vidović Wikipedia