Chopin – Nocturne No 9 in B Major – Sokolov, Piano

The Nocturne No 9 Op 32 No 1 in B major is initially marked andante sostenuto and is in 4/4 meter. There are several ritardando markings throughout, followed by a tempo marking in the next measure, such as in measure 7, 8,17 and 18. Frédéric Chopin‘s piece transitions to adagio in the last two measures, starting in measure 64. David Dubal found the nocturne to be “of less importance, though characteristic in design and melodic contour.” He also states the coda “completely shocks the listener out of reverie.”

Other performance by Grigory Sokolov


Chopin’s Nocturne No 9: other performance

Arthur Rubinstein (with sheet music)

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