Music Rests: Musical Silences the Fun Way!

In music, a music rest is a brief silence, a short break in the flow of sound. In musical notation, a rest is the sign that indicates such a break.

Learn how to read music notes easily and quickly with color notes

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A Music rest for Each Music Note Value

Just as there are music notes of different value (whole note, half note…), there are music rests of different value (whole rest, half rest…).

Learn music rests the fun way with a breakout game
Learn music rests the fun way with a breakout game

Happy Music Note! Logo: learn to read music notes the fun way! Download Music Note Cracker HN

Music Note Cracker HN teaches you how to recognize different types of rests and the music notes to which they correspond. Whenever the ball hits a rest, it cracks it open and a music note of equivalent value comes out.

For instance, if the ball hits a half rest, a half music note comes out.

A fully customizable educational music game

Music Note Cracker HN features four gaming speeds, Lives, Hi-Score List and more. You can even cuztomize the background with your own pictures.