Ravel – La Valse – Buniatishvili, Piano

La valse, poème chorégraphique pour orchestre (a choreographic poem for orchestra), is a work written by Maurice Ravel between February 1919 and 1920; it was first performed on 12 December 1920 in Paris. It was conceived as a ballet but is now more often heard as a concert work. The work has been described as a tribute to the waltz. The one piano transcription was realized by Ravel himself.

Ravel by Buniatishvili

La Valse (Khatia & Gvantsa Buniatishvili)

Ravel - La Valse - Khatia and Gvantsa Buniatishvili, Piano
La Valse


Ravel - Scarbo - Buniatishvili, Piano
Gaspard de la Nuit, Third Movement

French Music by Buniatishvili

Debussy’s Moonlight

Debussy - Clair de Lune (Moonlight)- Buniatishvili, Piano
Suite Bergamasque, Pièce No. 3 (Clair de Lune) in D-Flat Major

La Valse: Other Performance


Ravel - La Valse - Wang, Piano
La Valse

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