Brahms – Hungarian Dance No 1 – Wang & Buniatishvili, Piano

The Hungarian Dance No 1 is the first of the 21 Hungarian Dances (German: Ungarische Tänze) composed by Johannes Brahms, based mostly on Hungarian themes and completed in 1869. Each dance has been arranged for a wide variety of instruments and ensembles. Brahms originally wrote the version for piano four hands and later arranged the first ten dances for solo piano. Only numbers 11, 14 and 16 are entirely original compositions. The better-known Hungarian Dances include Nos. 1 and 5, the latter of which was based on the csárdás “Bártfai emlék” (Memories of Bártfa) by Hungarian composer Béla Kéler, which Brahms mistakenly thought was a traditional folksong.

Hungarian Dances by Brahms

No 5, Charlie Chaplin

The Great Dictator, from Charlie Chaplin. Barber shop scene with Brahms Hungarian Dance No 5.
The Great Dictator

No 5, 6, 7, 17, Pigs in a Polka

Pigs in a Polka is a 1943 cartoon using Brahms' Hungarian Dances No 5, 6, 7, 17
Pigs in a Polka is a 1943 Cartoon

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