Horowitz – Carmen Variations – Horowitz, Piano

Carmen Variations  are a set of variations composed and performed by the Russian-American pianist Vladimir Horowitz. They are based on the Gypsy Dance from Georges Bizet’s opera Carmen. Of Horowitz’s many transcriptions, the Carmen Variations were the only one to remain in his repertoire throughout his career. He played them from his earliest concerts in the 1920s, where he often wowed his audience with the “show stopping” encore, through to his golden jubilee season in 1978, over fifty years later.

Other Carmen Variations performance

Yuja Wang

Yuja Wang plays Carmen Variations composed by Vladimir Horowitz
Yuja Wang plays Horowitz’s variations on Bizet’s Gypsy Dance from his opera Carmen

Evgeny Kissin

Arcadi Volodos (audio with sheet music)

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