Chopin – Mazurka Op. 24 No. 2 – Argerich, Piano

Mazurkas, Op 24 are a set of four Mazurkas for solo piano by Frédéric Chopin. The set was composed and published in 1836. Mazurka Op. 24 No. 2 in C Major is the second piece of the set, with a tempo marking of Allegro non troppo, opening with a quiet alternation of C and G major sotto voce chords. This Mazurka is essentially a kind of folkloric cliché.  A folk provenance can be found in all its themes: in the opening theme, which brings the gestures and movements of an oberek; in its complement, inviting us to dance and click our heels; and also in the theme that is coloured with the so-called Lydian fourth. – Martha Argerich

Mazurka Op. 24 No. 2: Other Performance

Martha Argerich

Chopin - Mazurka in C major Op. 24 No. 2 - Argerich, Piano

Chopin by Argerich

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