Couperin – Le tic-toc-choc ou Les maillotins – Sokolov, Piano

Le tic-toc-choc, or Les maillotins is a piece from Couperin‘s volume three of harpsichord music. Couperin’s four volumes of harpsichord music, published in Paris in 1713, 1717, 1722, and 1730, contain over 230 individual pieces. The four collections for harpsichord alone are grouped into ordres, a synonym of suites, containing traditional dances as well as pieces with descriptive titles. They are notable for Couperin’s detailed indication of ornaments, which in most harpsichord music of the period was left to the discretion of the player. – Grigory Sokolov

Others pieces for harpsichord performed by Grigory Sokolov

Rameau – Les Sauvages

Rameau - Les sauvages - Sokolov, Piano

Rameau – La Poule

The Russian pianist Grigory Sokolov performs Rameau's La Poule, from the Suite in G major/G minor, fromthe Nouvelles suites de pièces pour clavecin