Rameau – Les Cyclopes – Sokolov, Piano

Les Cyclopes from the French composer Jean-Philippe Rameau is the eighth piece from his Suite in D major, RCT 3 (Premier Livre de Pièces de Clavecin, 1706). The sujet of the work is centered on the race of one-eyed giants as portrayed in Odyssey, an ancient Greek epic poem attributed to Homer. – Grigory Sokolov

Les Cyclopes: other performance

Scott Ross on harpsichord (audio with score)

Others Rameau’s pieces by Sokolov

La Poule

The Russian pianist Grigory Sokolov performs Rameau's La Poule, from the Suite in G major/G minor, fromthe Nouvelles suites de pièces pour clavecin
Rameau – La Poule – Grigory Sokolov

Les Tendres Plaintes

Rameau - Les Tendres Plaintes - Sokolov, Piano
Rameau – Les Tendres Plaintes – Grigory Sokolov