Schumann – Toccata – Martha Argerich, Piano

The Toccata in C major, Op. 7 by Robert Schumann, was completed in 1830 and revised in 1833. The piece is in sonata-allegro form. It was originally titled Etude fantastique en double-sons (Fantastic Study in Double Notes), and was infamously referred to by Schumann as the “hardest piece ever written”—to this day it remains as “one of the most ferociously difficult pieces in the piano repertoire”. It is partially based on the Czerny Toccata in C major, Op. 92, which Clara Schumann spent much of her youth practicing. – Martha Argerich

Schumann by Argerich


Träumerei, Kinderszenen No. 7 in F Major

Martha Argerich performs Träumerei, the 7th piece from Robert Schumann's Kinderszenen

Piano Quintet

Piano Quintet in E-Flat Major

Schumann - Piano Quintet - Argerich, Piano, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Des Abends

Fantasiestucke No. 1, Des Abends

Schumann - Fantasiestucke: Des Abends, Aufschwung - Argerich, Piano

Toccata: Other Performance

György Cziffra