Chopin – Introduction and Polonaise Brillante – Argerich, Rostropovich

Introduction and Polonaise brillante in C Major, Op. 3, is a composition for cello and piano by Frédéric Chopin. It was one of Chopin’s first published compositions. Due to the relative simplicity of the cello part, many cellists often heavily embellish the melody, sometimes to the point of complete distinction from the original melody. – Martha Argerich

Other Polonaises by Argerich

Polonaise Héroique

Polonaise No. 6 in A-Flat Major

The pianist Martha Argerich is performing Chopin's Polonaise Heroic No. 6 in A-flat major

Grande Polonaise Brillante

Grande Polonaise Brillante in E-Flat Major

Chopin - Grande Polonaise Brillante - Argerich, Piano

Chopin by Argerich and Rostropovitch

Cello Sonata Op. 65 in G Minor

Movement 1 – Allegro moderato in G minor

Movement 2 – Scherzo in D minor

Movement 3 – Largo in B-flat major

Movement 4 – Allegro in G minor

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