Schumann-Tausig – The Smuggler (Der Kontrabandiste) – Wang, Piano

The smuggler (Der Kontrabandiste) is a piece from Robert Schumann‘s Spanisches Liederspiel op. 74. The transcription for piano solo is from Carl Tausig, a Polish composer, pianist and arranger considered by some critics to be the greatest of Liszt’s pupils. – Yuja Wang

Schumann by Wang

The Smuggler: Other Performance

Yuja Wang performs The Smuggler (Der Kontrabandiste) from Robert Schumann, arranged for piano solo by Carl Tausig.


Piano Concerto in A Minor

Schumann - Piano Concerto in A Minor - Yuja Wang


Kreisleriana for piano in height movements

Schumann - Kreisleriana - Wang, Piano


Piano Quintet in E-Flat Major