Chopin – Mazurka Op 17 No 4 – Grimaud, Piano

Mazurka in A Minor is the last one from Op 17, a set of four mazurkas composed by Frédéric Chopin between 1832 and 1833. It is a real masterpiece, in the form of a dance poem. Written in A minor, it is in 3/4 and is marked Lento, ma non troppo.  It is one of the more popular mazurkas. The Mazurka has caused monographers and Chopin scholars quite some difficulty on account of the legend that surrounds it. The work’s origins were linked with certain passages in letters sent by the fourteen-year-old Chopin from Szafarnia, in which he gave accounts of the impression he made when playing a dance that he called ‘Żydek’ [The little Jew].

Chopin by Grimaud

Nocturne No 19

Chopin - Nocturne No 19 in E Minor Op 72 No 1 - Hélène Grimaud, Piano
Nocturne No. 19 in E Minor

Prelude No 15 (Raindrop)

Chopin - Prelude No 15 in D-Flat Major - Grimaud, Piano
Prelude No 15 in D-Flat Major

Mazurka in A Minor, Other Performance


Vladimir Horowitz plays Chopin's Mazurka Op. 17 No. 4 in A minor
Vladimir Horowitz – Mazurka in A Minor No. 4

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