Schubert-Liszt – Liebesbotschaft (Message of Love) – Wang, Piano

Liebesbotschaft (Message of love, the singer invites a stream to convey a message to his beloved.) is the first lied from Schwanengesang, a collection of songs written by Franz Schubert at the end of his life and published posthumously. – Yuja Wang

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Der Erlkönig


Schubert-Liszt - Erlkönig (Elf King) - Wang, Piano

Gretchen am Spinnrade

Gretchen at the Spinning Wheel

Schubert-Liszt - Gretchen am Spinnrade - Wang, Piano

Auf dem Wasser zu Singen

To sing on the water

Schubert-Liszt - Auf dem Wasser zu Singen - Wang, Piano